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Why I Did My First Tri

August 28th 2013

By Heather Barber

Throughout my life, I have experienced events that were very different than I had planned.

One life-altering experience was my car accident when I was a 20 year old college student.  It changed my whole life from “normal” to disabled.   This affected everyone in my family, not just me.   I have had to depend on them where once I was independent and living on my own.

My goals and ideals have not changed, although in order to achieve them, I have had to revise the route taken.   In rehab, the “experts” said I would never be able to complete my college degree.

I proved them wrong!  Yes, it took me longer to do, but I graduated with honors.  It took me a long time to find a job but I am currently working and looking for my own place to live.   I am determined to be independent and have my own life.

I have always been athletic and used to running and swimming as a part of my daily activities.  Swimming allows me to feel more freedom than I have with my current physical mobility so I really enjoy it.  It was natural for me to have a goal of participating in a race.

Therefore, a triathlon was a good fit because it allowed me to do the swimming portion, which is something that I love.   My sister, Sheila, agreed to finish the bike and run for me so we became a team.  Being able to realize this goal was awesome.  It brought so much joy and a feeling of completion to my life.  I know if I want to do something, I will find a way to achieve it.

A special thank you to the coaches and staff at Tri Fitness for making this experience possible; it means a lot to me.  Who knows what the future holds, I just might see you again next year!