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My First Tri - Melissa Giernoth

June 13th 2013

Why I'm Doing My First Tri, by Melissa Giernoth:

In the last 18 months I have lost almost 200 pounds through diet and exercise!

I started my weight loss journey after my 2012 New Year’s resolution to go skydiving.  You see, in order to go skydiving you have to weigh less than 240 pounds.  At the time I weighed 430.  Changes needed to be made.

I joined Weight Watchers and re-joined the gym.  I started with what was familiar and enjoyable for me - swimming laps and Aqua Fit.  After a few months I decided I needed to work on building some muscle and strength training so I hired a personal trainer.

From there my confidence and strength grew as my body fat, inches and pounds shrunk.  If there was a class offered at the gym, I took it: Zumba, Cardio Jam, Kickbox, BodyWorks, Spin… name it.  With my weight loss goal to reach 240 firmly in sight, I decided I needed to make another goal to push towards in 2013.

I REALLY enjoyed my new activity level, loved my time on the bike (on the road or in Spin class) and continue to love my time in the water.  So, it made sense to try my hand at a triathlon, right?!  It seemed to me an attainable goal and one that I would enjoy training for.  I was right!

Finding information on “My First Tri” knowing that there was something out there for a newbie like me was all the sign I needed.  The staff and resources available through Tri Fitness has been absolutely incredible and I wouldn’t feel as comfortable going into the race (well, except for those pesky hills) as I do without the support and experience of everyone associated with Tri Fitness.

For anyone considering a triathlon I would, without a doubt, encourage them to take the Beginner’s Clinic.   The motivation, dedication, perseverance and of course the continued weight loss I’ve had in reaching this goal the past 6 months has been so rewarding.

See ya at the finish line!

P.S. I’m skydiving September 8!


Editor:  Everyone has a story.  We've all struggled with something in our lives, whether it's weight or bullies or work (or...or...or...).  Leading up to My First Tri, we want to share a few stories from participants and give voice to their reason for signing up to complete their first triathlon.  Click here to read about Becky Mueske's journey.