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We heard you.

You told us what you want in a Tri Club, and we worked hard to deliver it.   You will now be able to take advantage of one of the most unique Tri Clubs in the entire country.  Almost nowhere else will you find a club led by certified trainers, with multiple free workouts each week.

You told us that a few things were of utmost importance:

  • Having a larger group of different skills and abilities
  • Having access to coaches
  • Having a fun, helpful and supportive community spirit
  • Having a "team" mentality


What's New

  • Full-year membership is only $550 (November - September).  That's as low as $5.08 per workout!   Please e-mail us or call for details on how we can still provide you the workouts you are looking for until our Summer membership starts in May.
  • Summer membership is only $280 (May - September)
  • 3 workouts per week (1 swim, 1 bike, 1 run) led by a certified coach/trainer
  • Race support at several designated races
  • Free access to selected Tri Fitness seminars
  • Free Tri Kit
  • 25% discount on Tri Fitness logo'd apparel
  • 25% discount on Tri Fitness events
  • Tri Club members get a designated transition area at Cinco Du Mayo and One Last Tri
  • Social events
  • As members of both the USAT and Ironman Tri Club programs, our members will enjoy special benefits like discounts on races and sponsors' products
  • Exclusive access to our Tri Club member forum - a place for you to arrange workouts, coordinate races, ask questions, get training tips and anything else.  Besides the workouts and social gatherings, this is a great chance to meet each other!


Benefits To You

This is one of the only clubs in the country that offers three workouts per week throughout the year, led by certified coaches and trainers.

What does that mean to you?  Well, let's say that the drop-in fee for a group session led by a coach costs $25.00.

Here's what you would save assuming you attended 1, 2 or 3 group sessions per week, over the course of 11 months:

Workouts Cost Savings
1 per week $1100 $550
2 per week $2200 $1,650
3 per week $3300 $2750

So even if you attend an average of only 1 workout per week, you would still save more than $700 over the course of the year by being a member of the Tri Club...and that doesn't include any of the other benefits!


Summer Schedule (May - September)

Swim - 6:00pm every Tuesday evening we will alternate between swimming at Long Lake in New Brighton (map) and Square Lake outside of Stillwater.

Bike - 6:30pm every Wednesday evening .

Run - 6:00am every Thursday morning. We are meeting at the Training Center. 

Remember, these are just the sessions that are led by one of our coaches or trainers.  We encourage you to interact with each other on our forum to find other times to work out together.

Summer Enrollment:






Winter-Spring Schedule (November - April)

Swim* - 8:00-9:00pm (starting November 3rd) every Tuesday at St. Kates.

Bike* -  At Tri Fitness.  We have 8 Computrainer stations, first-come, first-serve.  You can bring your own bike trainer to participate as well.

Run -  Details to come soon

* Due to limited facility space, you must reserve a spot ahead of time.  They will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.  If the first session fills, we will hold a second session immediately following the first session for the swim and bike.

Annual Enrollment




The Tri Club Mission

Our team’s mission is to promote fitness and share our passion for the sport of triathlon with one another, while working hard and having fun.  We strive to provide triathletes of all abilities a place to find support, an opportunity to train with other athletes and just to have fun.

Our club members range in experience from the first time triathlete to the elite athlete from all across the Twin Cities and with different athletic backgrounds.

Some are runners, some are bikers, some are each of us an opportunity to work on our strengths and weakness together.

Be sure to check out our J.A.M.S. program for younger athletes.


Tri Club Testimonials

"Hi Everyone:

I just wanted you to know how impressed and happy I am as a member of TriFitness and the Tri-Club. As a complete rookie it’s been an incredible experience training and getting to know the trainers and other Tri-Club members. Last night was especially terrific. It was my first open water swim and I had no idea what I was doing. Tracy was her usual supportive and awesome self, only calling me grandpa once when I was slacking at the buoy. The camaraderie among the team is so great. No one’s got a big timer attitude even though they are clearly in a different league. It is the most welcoming and inclusive group of people I’ve ever been around. I really do love it. Thank you for creating such an awesome environment for me and others to challenge ourselves in."

- Howard


For More Info

  Vicki at or 651-426-3619