Here's what some of our customers are saying about Tri Fitness:


"Hi Jeremy: 

Thanks for your email and the class...it was great info!! I was going to shoot you a line to let you know I incorporated some of the tips from Saturday's class into last night's run - first since the class. I had a PR 5k time of sub-27 minutes and I shaved some 2 minutes plus off of the total run of 5 miles. And that's just from the first outing!"

- Mike



"Hi Everyone:

I just wanted you to know how impressed and happy I am as a member of TriFitness and the Tri-Club. As a complete rookie it’s been an incredible experience training and getting to know the trainers and other Tri-Club members. Last night was especially terrific. It was my first open water swim and I had no idea what I was doing. Tracy was her usual supportive and awesome self, only calling me grandpa once when I was slacking at the buoy. The camaraderie among the team is so great. No one’s got a big timer attitude even though they are clearly in a different league. It is the most welcoming and inclusive group of people I’ve ever been around. I really do love it. Thank you for creating such an awesome environment for me and others to challenge ourselves in."

- Howard




Yes, I owe you many thanks, but the most recent episode is with regard to my bike chain.  Thanks a ton for the very prompt service and being able to find and repair my old one. 

I couldn't resist going for a nice "little" ride that afternoon. The ride from Hugo to Forest Lake was smooth and easy - so much so I went further than I had originally planned. So, a quick little ride started with a 30 minute ride north.  It was a little windy, but I was managing well so I kept going....then I turned around!  It was then that I discovered that the wind had been entirely at my back and was now directly head-on.  YIKES!  It took another 1:20 to get back.  It wasn't really that bad - I kept a cadence around 90, put it in the lowest gear and just kept going at a whopping 8-9 mph. It all ended well, and the good news is that the chain (and everything else) worked perfectly (and I only fell once).  Even better, Jen and I went out for another "little" ride last night that turned into an hour before we knew it.

So, thanks for the chain, but more so, thanks for the support you have given to me and my family through Tri Fitness, the classes, events, and discussions. I never would have imagined that our family could have experienced the transformation of health and habit over the past year that has come about because of you, Judi, Jeremy, Tanya, Brandon, Jane, Tracy... 

We really have been blessed through you,

- Brian



I just wanted to tell you that the running seminar with Jeremy yesterday was AWESOME!!!!!!!!  I am SO happy that I went; it was incredibly valuable to me. I was hesitant to sign up at first, because $45 is a big investment for me to risk on something that I wasn't convinced would be worthwhile. But I've had good experiences with your company in the past, and after reading Jeremy's credentials, I decided to take a chance. I LOVE running, but I needed a little personal guidance.

WELL! I can't believe how great all the information was that I got yesterday! I LOVED that it was such a small group - only five of us - so we could ask all our questions, which Jeremy was very welcoming of, and very equipped to answer. I LOVED that we EACH got a video-taped analysis of our running. This was the most valuable part, I think. I've already put into practice the things that Jeremy pin-pointed for me from the video. He gave us such great tips for pre-run exercises, and post-run exercises, and now I have completely changed my bad attitude toward "boring" things like strength training! I have a new understanding of the importance of strength training, so I think I will be able to "like" doing the slow exercises now.

I have a foam roller, and I didn't know what to do with it. Now I do. Jeremy promised to email all of us the exercise routines that we did so that we wouldn't have to scribble out so many notes during class. I am looking forward to him sending those. He also gave us great information about fueling during long races. I appreciated his candidness and honesty about products, what works, what doesn't, and WHY. No doubt he is an expert in all of these areas! And it was very fascinating to just talk to someone who does ultramarathons!!! I think we all appreciated that he was so willing to stay late to learn more and hear about his experiences.

So, I just wanted to thank you and your staff for a terrific seminar yesterday. I feel like there's hope for me now! I WILL do a full marathon someday, and I will be a better runner now because of what I learned from this seminar. 




Hi Coaches!

I want to say thanks for all the awesome training!  I took first place in my age group category at the ywca woman's triathlon (there was one woman in the masters category who was faster, so technically 2nd of the 40-44 year olds), 13th overall and most importantly took 8.5 minutes off my time from 2 years ago!!!

I know it was the triclub that made this possible!  It was really cool to have the training show, I would have never thought I could do this!

I think an ironman is next (after the moose mountain marathon)!!!!

- Cathy



"How can I ever express how grateful I am for choosing Vicki Ostendorf as my coach for two years in a row; you know me better than myself at times, and you are a master at helping me push beyond the boundaries of what I thought were my limits.   I am healthy, not injured, not overtrained, and had a race result that I would never have dreamed possible two years ago!

I beat the spandex pants off of countless athletes that have had to endure 2-3 times the training volume that we did, but thanks to Vicki's plan, we concentrated on quality, purposeful workouts that get results, not junk miles that serve only to wear you down mentally and physically.   I know she will continue to bring out the very best in me, because I haven't found my limits yet!

I look forward to training with the Triftness group next year and many years to come; I'm not done, by a LONG shot!"

Sarah Z.



"Life Changing"

Carol L.  (Reguarding a shoe fit and shoe purchase)


"We just wanted to say THANK YOU to you! We both had a great experience and are inspired to try other triathlons! We only wish you guys were a little closer to us (Eden Prairie), as we would certainly use more of your training services.   If you ever open another place in the South Metro, be sure to let us know!  In the meantime, if you know of any other training facilities similar to yours, we’d love to learn about them.

We hope to participate in some of your other race events. Ever think of a My Second (Third,….)Tri?!  The friendly competition was so great!   I wish more races could embrace that mentality.   You guys have really done it right, and we sincerely appreciate it!

Two New Triathletes—Sue and Jenny Mohn (regarding My First Tri August 2013)



Hi Jane,
Anyway, thanks again for a great event! Can't tell you how much it meant to me. I also want to share something with you that I posted on Facebook:
A few reflections on My First Tri:

1) We can talk ourselves into or out of pretty much anything. I talked myself into doing this event and could easily have talked myself out of finishing, particularly when I was waiting to go in the water and started to panic a little and found myself starting to cry, or during all those seemingly endless hills of the bike ride when my muscles were shaking like crazy and I couldn't get my breath, or during the hills (yes, even more) of the run (which I mostly walked). But because I went public with this goal and what I was working on, I couldn't let any of you, or myself, down. I am tremendously grateful to ViSalus for giving me the courage to push myself.
2) While this is not a new revelation, it is a reiteration that I have an amazingly supportive and fabulous husband. Sid Kasper, I love you more than words can say, and I am so grateful that we found each other many years ago. I know that you wanted to be there today, but I'm glad you were able to do the things that you wanted to do today.  
3) It's always better when we don't have to do things alone. Lorrie Adams took this challenge on with me, and we had a fantastic time laughing together, rejoicing together, and of course, there was a little crying together, too. 
4) There is immeasurable power in the encouragement of people around us. Thanks to my number one trainer Steve Shorten, he helped me to work through a lot of bugs in the process. I am not a very good student at times, so I appreciated his patience. I have a long way to go to get good at this, but I sure appreciate his calls, emails, and advice. To my brother-in-law Tom Kasper and my sister-in-law Annemarie Kasper, can't thank you enough for being with us today and cheering us on and taking photos! Having you there was the best! Annemarie, looking forward to you joining us next time! And last but not least, thank you to the person who joined me on the last bit of my run to cheer me on, and to all the volunteers and participants at the end who clapped and gave us high fives as we crossed the finish line. WHAT A DAY TO REMEMBER!
Kind regards,
Martha Kasper



"I want to give kudos to your great staff-Brandon and Dennis have both been very informative, helpful, friendly and supportive. It makes the experience that much better.  Thanks!"

Ann G (regarding My First Tri August 2013)



"The shoes worked great, perfect fit."

David R.  (regarding a Karhu shoe purchase August 2013)



"Thanks for the great running shoe fitting yesterday! Quality people, quality products, competitive prices! I'll be back!"

Dawn L. (via Facebook) on 4/4/13



"A friend and I came into the store last Thursday 5/16 to get our feet "fitted" for the correct shoe. Although I have a total lapse in the employee's name (she was a thin, tan, blonde gal) I will NEVER forget her confidence, compassion, knowledge, friendliness, passion, support and non-bias attitude.  Very rarely do you get service like I received that day. I just wanted to give you a GIGANTIC thank you.

You will never know how much I appreciated you that day. My feet thank you too! You are AMAZING at what you do. I will never go anywhere else again to buy shoes. I just wish I lived closer so I could attend some of the classes that are offered too.  Thanks again."

Rachel H



Re:  Weighs & Means class

"[My mom] thinks so highly of you guys and is so grateful for everything you are doing for her. So am I!

She has come so far and can do things now she never thought would be possible after her surgeries. Even Physical Therapy after surgery didn't come close to helping her as much as you guys have. I don't think I can ever express how happy I am that she finally found a way that works for her to make healthy lifestyle changes. I hated seeing her in so much pain. Thank you so much for helping her!"

Jen W.



"Wow! I just wanted to say a big thanks to all the staff, trainers and volunteers who made My First Tri a great event. The smiles and cheers were really appreciated.

Also, for anyone thinking of a first tri I highly recommend the mini tri event. That helped me so much with the transitions. I may have been a little slow, but I felt efficient and calm.

Thanks again. I\'m looking forward to swim training with you this fall."





If you can believe it, I just started using the bike you fitted me for this past weekend.  I've got about 50miles in and I must say, what a difference.  I feel much more comfortable and have consistently been able to hold much higher speeds.

Thanks again."

Jason J.



"My name is Jessica and I am a 29 year old physical therapist and PhD student currently in week 12 of my 36-week Ironman WI training plan. My friend, Adam, started participating in Tri Fitness master swim classes and had rave reviews. "

Jessica C.



Re:  Half Fast Half Marathon, 10K and 5K, February 2012

"Thank you guys for the great birthday!  I ran my first 5K today at the Half Fast (I was the big [] guy) and it happened to be my 37th birthday.  It was an awesome time and look forward to doing many more.  Also, thank you for posting the pictures.  Our camera crapped out and my
wife didn't get any photos when I finished so it was really cool to be able to download them."

Jason C. (via Facebook)



Re:  Fast Before The Feast, November 2011

"I just wanted to write to thank everyone at Tri-Fitness for the great Fast  Before the Feast event!  I had a good time running before the big meal, and  I was lucky enough to win a pair of some great K-Swiss shoes (I love them, by the way!).

I wrote about the event and your great store in my blog, and I just wanted  to let you know how much the great service in the store meant to me.  Nice  work!"


 Hope Grassi



Re:  Fast Before The Feast, November 2011

"Great run this morning.  This is my 3rd Fast before the Feast and I think this has been the best (weather helped)!  Thanks for doing this, I know it must be a lot of work but it is greatly appreciated.  We're turning into a Thanksgiving tradition as I got my sister and sister in law to run with me as well!"

Jennie B.



Re:  Fast Before The Feast, November 2011

"Thanks for an awesome race! What a great way to start my Thanksgiving day!  Everything seemed to be put together pretty well! I will definetely sign up for another run with you guys in the future! :)"

Christy V.



Re:  Fast Before The Feast, November 2011

"Great event, my family is going to make this a tradition."

Robert L.



Re:  Fast Before The Feast, November 2011

"First, thanks for a great race. I recently moved to New Brighton and this was the first time I ran the fast before the feast. I was really impressed with how well organized the race was, especially with the volunteers directing us to parking spots. Thank you!"

Carol N.



Re:  Scare In White Bear, October 2011

"Thank you so much for putting on a fun event at the Scare in White Bear 5k. My friends and I had a great time running it and my wife and another friend had a great time watching it."

Nate L.



Re:  One Last Tri in September 2011

"Dave.....great race event.  Really enjoyed it, despite the rain.  I'll be back next year."

Nick S.



Re:  One Last Tri in September 2011

"Great job with OLT on Sunday.  A fun event can make bad weather not seem so bad.  It was my first sprint (usually do Olympic or longer) and had a blast!

Thanks again!  See you at Cinco (Du Mayo)."

Bart H.



Re:  One Last Tri in September 2011

"Thanks for the great race... The race was wonderful and was handled perfectly.  Many of our team participants want to repeat this event next year.  Our hats off to you and your race committee.  Our wheelchair participant said that was "the best thing I've done since being in a wheelchair for 13 years".  We thank your group for his experience.  You are wonderful."

Kelly L.



Re:  One Last Tri in September 2011

Thanks.  I must say, huge improvement from 2 years ago.  i will definitely be back."

Sean R.



Re:  My First Tri in August 2011

"A big thanks to everyone at Tri Fitness for helping me achieve my goal to finish My First Tri before 50.

A special thanks to Amy for improving my swimming technique and Judi for sticking with me during my bike crash (it meant a lot) and for all your biking tips and Vicki for making all this happen in a safe and encouraging environment, you're great.

I would also like to thank all the wonderful people at the retail store for helping me with the things I needed and also for turning some--a lot-- of the fear and anxiety I had into positive energy. Your patience, kindness, and encouragement really has an impact.

Hugs to all the volunteers for all their words of enccouragement along the way, especially the one who said, "You only have a quarter mile left. You can do this." Boy, did I need to hear that.

I have a tremendous amount of improving to do, and I look forward to taking classes so I can get ready for more." 

Laurie K. (via Facebook)



"I wanted to thank the Tri Fitness team for the great experience that my friend and I had this past weekend at the Camp Wanna Run a Mile or More Half Marathon. I also wanted to comment on the great service we received the night before buying running shoes in your store.

Being a Physical Therapist myself I am often leary on what kinds of analysis I receive when picking out new running shoes. The analysis that was done Friday night was beyond my expectations and I am thrilled to say that I ran the half marathon in brand new shoes...something not frequently done.

I would highly recommend that the trip be made to your store for a complete analysis. Thanks again for such a wonderful experience."

Ashley Detterbeck-Stauber DPT, ATP



Re:  My First Tri in August 2011

"I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the "My First Tr\" on Saturday.  It was so well done with such great support throughout the race!  Made doing a triathlon for the first time so much less stressful!  I'm hooked and look forward to my next one!"

Sue T.



Re:  My First Tri training ride in August 2011

"Thanks for a great afternoon of biking today, the drive was well worth it.  The staff from Trifitness were all so remarkable, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable!"

Carla R.



Re:  My First Tri in June 2011

I wanted to send a BIG thank you to all of your wonderful staff and volunteers that were at the My First Tri Saturday.  Everything went really well and I had such a great time.  I absolutely loved my experience. 

Thanks Again!

Kristen C



Re:  My First Tri in June 2011

Thanks to the entire Tri Fit staff for helping this 'Crash' biker during yesterday's Tri. Yes..I was the one who got a free ride to Regions Hospital.

Can't mention all names but Vickie (owner), Amy (Swimming Coach), paramedics and especially Mike Kelly, (my mentor) were great despite my error in missing the last corner on the bike portion. I'm fine and recovering from a minor concussion, bruised ribs, and left some forearm skin.

Their concern and follow up calls were very thoughtful and the main reason why Tri Fitness WBL is an exceptional group and one reason I'm looking to return and finish without trying to take off flying from a bike. I am sold on Uvex Biking helmets as it prevented a more serious injury. A plug for buying from Tri Fit.

Roy Plana (via Facebook)



Re:  My First Tri in August 2011

"Fantastic experience, wonderful race, staff, and volunteers! Couldn't have been more pleased! Thank you a milllion times over! :)"

Carla R via Facebook



Re:  My First Tri in June 2011

"What a blast! Hats off to those that put this event together. More Tri's to come for me. I am hooked!"

Jeanne Zeinert (via Facebook)



Re:  My First Tri in June 2011

"Thank you the event was awesome! Can't wait until my next event!!!! Thank you to everyone at Trifitness, Perch Lake, the many volunteers and to new found friendships!"

Anne Stepnick (via Facebook)



"Wow! What a deal! I visited TriFitness yesterday while heading back to Red Wing, MN after the Cemstone Run for Others 10K. I usually buy Nike size 9 as I have slightly narrow feet. The Karhus fit me perfect ...I may be a convert. By the way... it was a pleasure to be waited on by the friendly and knowledgable staff at TriFitness in WBL. Thanks!" 

Curtis Stupak (via Facebook)



"I just bought my 1st bike Orbea Onyx at TriFitness and signed up for 'my first Tri' in June. Love the bike, but more important is the experience with Judi, Vickie and the entire staff at Tri Fitness.

Being my first Tri, learning to swim and buying my first quality bike, everyone has been supportive, very knowledgeable and fun to deal with. A very 'positive' group and with all the resources that will help my on my 'first journey' to finish a triathlon."

Chris Roy (via Facebook)



"Loving my new Karhu shoes!  Thanks Jane for helping me with the PERFECT fit!!!"

Diane J. (via Facebook)



"Had a great ride outside yesterday, and all I can say is, WOW!  What an
amazing difference!  Thanks again for all the time you spent helping me get
the most from my bike!  It really was an incredible feeling!"

Sarah S. (via email)



"Went in because I received a gift card for Christmas. I'm a runner, a nascent biker, and sort of a meh swimmer, by the way, so I was looking mostly for running things.

The staff was super helpful and very knowledgeable. It's a little store with not THAT much selection compared to the Runner's Room, but it's a local business, and the brands and products that it does have are top notch.

So much for going to big box stores for my running/swimming/biking needs. I will be back in again!"

Chelsea R (via Yelp)



"Weighs and Means... Love it! You guys are smarter than smart!"

Hank Brandtjen (via Facebook)



From our April 2011 customer survey:

"It's the owners and staff's knowledge that makes it easy to find what I'm looking for."

"Friendly staff!"

"You have what I need there. The staff is very friendly and they know the products well."

"Friendly, knowledgeable staff who made the experience enjoyable.... beginners are treated as well as the experienced triathletes!"

"Local, good reputation, and supports [the] community."

"Aaron is great to work with! He puts together a plan that makes me feel ready for races but not totally burned out. Aaron has helped work around my crazy schedule so that racing is still possible."

"Races are close to where I live. Great variety - like the biathlon!"

"I really like the training center."

"You are very helpful with finding your first running shoes. I always recommend everyone to come to your store for their first pair of shoes."

"Love the casual and fun nature of your email announcements!! The wetsuit trial was a fantastic idea and hooked me!"

Not all comments were that positive, of course...but we're working hard to address our shortcomings and make Tri Fitness the premier training facility and retail store for multi-sport athletes around.