Spin Class



Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean you have to let your bike gather dust!

Tri Fitness offers an awesome spin class, a great workout that's also fun.  We have 8 CompuTrainer stations, which allow you to hook your personal bike up to our computer and monitor how you're doing.  CompuTrainers are the best bike trainers in the business.  We use the Lab model with the newest software.

You can also bring in your own bike trainer and enjoy the class if all the CompuTrainer spots are taken.

These popular classes can fill up quickly, so be sure to reserve a spot ahead of time by clicking HERE.

If you are "that person" saying "I don't want to drag my bke to Tri Fitness each week", we have the answer for you- we provide a Bike Valet service.  Bike Valet is just that, you leave your bike with us, and, when you book a spot prior to class, we make sure your bike is set up on the trainer ready to go when you get to class.  (Note: you still are encouraged to arrive about 5 minutes early to warm up your trainer before class gets started)



Monday: 10:00am, 6:00pm

Tuesday:  6:00pm 

Wednesday:  6:30pm

Thursday:  5:45 am, 6:00pm (This is a Tri Club spin)

Friday:  9:00am

Saturday:  8:15am, 9:30am Brick Workout


Summer Schedule

Why ride inside when it summer is so short in Minnesota?  

Well, we call it "getting the biggest bang for your buck".  One hour, high intensity, controlled environment on your bike= best workout. Guaranteed.

Monday: 10:00am

Tuesday: 5:45am

Friday: 9:00am

Each class is 55 minutes.  Please arrive 15 minutes prior to class so we have time to set your bike up and warmed up before class begins.

These sessions don't work with your schedule OR you want to bring your own group in just to ride?  Call us to reserve a time.  Cost is $7.50/session up to 90 minutes or $15.00 90 min+.  



$175 for a package of 10 classes, which can be used anytime for any class on our weekly schedule.  Or drop in for individual classes for $22.50/class.


1 Month Term

  • 2 workouts/week- $135
  • 3 workouts/week- $200
  • 4 workouts/week- $250

3 month term

  • 2 workouts/week- $125
  • 3 workouts/week- $180
  • 4 workouts/week- $225



For more information:

  Vicki Ostendorf at vicki@trifitnesswbl.com or 651-426-3619