Online Training Plans

Looking for a training plan? We’ve got you covered!

We have a full library of online training plans designed to get you ready for your event.  It doesn't matter what your experience level is, from a total rookie to a seasoned veteran. 

No more guessing at how much training to do - our experts and coaches have crafted plans that can fit your schedule. Chart and track your cardio and strength training workouts, log and analyze your nutrition, map your favorite training rides and/or runs and even track your shoe mileage!  We use the excellent Training Peaks package, used by thousands of athletes, including many pros.

You can also connect with a Tri Fitness Coach or Trainer via email or phone to get a completely personalized plan.

Of course, if you're more of an "off line" person, we offer one-on-one personal training services too.  Click here for more information.

Training Start Dates: Training plans have ideal start dates for their respective races, but you can jump in at any time and we’ll help you modify your workouts to make the plan realistic and achievable.

To get started, or if you have any questions:

  Vicki Ostendorf at or 651-426-3619