Meet Our Trainers

Vicki Ostendorf - Founder, Certified Trainer

Hometown:  Hudson, Wisconsin

Certified Personal Trainer since:  Now I’m dating myself…1990

Some of my favorites:  My niece and nephew, running a 5:40 mile (yes, there was a time when this was possible), Aaron’s guacamole, two days in a row off work (there was a time when this was possible also).
Fitness Background:  I am a Certified Personal Trainer as well as a USA Triathlon Certified Coach.  I graduated from the University of Wisconsin LaCrosse University with a degree in Corporate Fitness, with a Minor in business as well as coaching.  I spent 4 years playing outfield for the women’s fastpitch softball team in LaCrosse.  Shortly after graduating, I realized that I really loved torturing individuals on an ongoing basis, so personal training seemed to be the perfect fit!.

After many years of training, I entered into the next unknown of owning my own business, and opened Tri Fitness in July of 2007.  Just over a year later, I opened Tri Fitness Training. 

You can contact me at


Jeremy Lindquist - NCSA Certified Trainer, Coach

Hometown:  Originally Garland, TX and now Stillwater, MN

Some of my favorites:  Traveling to beautiful state and national parks and running trails for multiple days straight.I enjoy the simple pleasure of great coffee, inspiring company, and looking for unusually difficult challenges to set my sights on. 

Fitness Background: I've been in sports most of my life. After I promised myself to attempt a marathon for the first time, I fell in love with what it gave me. 

30+ Triathlons from sprints to Ironman distance
10 Ultramarathon finishes including 7-100 mile trail marathons. 
40+ road and trail running races experience combined. 
Bachelor Degree in Kinesiology from University of MN- Twin Cities
Certified Personal Trainer through National Strength and Conditioning Assoc.
Certified TRX instructor
CKTT Certified Kinesio-Taping Technician
6 years of coaching experience with runners and triathletes for all distances.

You can contact me at


Kristen Bjorklund

Hometown: Shoreview, MN

Some of my Favorites: Swimming, water skiing, spending a warm summer day out on our family boat, animals, running, traveling to new places, and watching movies on stomy nights. 

Fitness Background: This Spring I graduated from Bethel University with a Biokinetics major. I have been competitively swimming since 4th grade and continued until my junior year in college. I have been active my whole life and tried pretty much every sport, but swimming was always my favorite! I am currently employed at Tri Fitness where I work to train clients in and out of the pool.


I just wanted to tell you that the running seminar with Jeremy yesterday was AWESOME!!!!!!!!  I am SO happy that I went; it was incredibly valuable to me. I was hesitant to sign up at first, because $45 is a big investment for me to risk on something that I wasn't convinced would be worthwhile. But I've had good experiences with your company in the past, and after reading Jeremy's credentials, I decided to take a chance. I LOVE running, but I needed a little personal guidance.

WELL! I can't believe how great all the information was that I got yesterday! I LOVED that it was such a small group - only five of us - so we could ask all our questions, which Jeremy was very welcoming of, and very equipped to answer. I LOVED that we EACH got a video-taped analysis of our running. This was the most valuable part, I think. I've already put into practice the things that Jeremy pin-pointed for me from the video. He gave us such great tips for pre-run exercises, and post-run exercises, and now I have completely changed my bad attitude toward "boring" things like strength training! I have a new understanding of the importance of strength training, so I think I will be able to "like" doing the slow exercises now.

I have a foam roller, and I didn't know what to do with it. Now I do. Jeremy promised to email all of us the exercise routines that we did so that we wouldn't have to scribble out so many notes during class. I am looking forward to him sending those. He also gave us great information about fueling during long races. I appreciated his candidness and honesty about products, what works, what doesn't, and WHY. No doubt he is an expert in all of these areas! And it was very fascinating to just talk to someone who does ultramarathons!!! I think we all appreciated that he was so willing to stay late to learn more and hear about his experiences.

So, I just wanted to thank you and your staff for a terrific seminar yesterday. I feel like there's hope for me now! I WILL do a full marathon someday, and I will be a better runner now because of what I learned from this seminar. 


Hi Coaches!

I want to say thanks for all the awesome training!  I took first place in my age group category at the ywca woman's triathlon (there was one woman in the masters category who was faster, so technically 2nd of the 40-44 year olds), 13th overall and most importantly took 8.5 minutes off my time from 2 years ago!!!

I know it was the triclub that made this possible!  It was really cool to have the training show, I would have never thought I could do this!

I think an ironman is next (after the moose mountain marathon)!!!!

- Cathy