Health and Wellness Coaching
 Geneva Smiles Garvan, CWP, CWWS, CWC

(Yes, that really is Geneva in the picture!)


Are you ready for significant forward momentum?  Growth?  Direction?  Purpose?

Have you been stuck in a holding pattern and in need of change? Health and Wellness Coaching is your next step!

What does peak wellness look like for you?

  • Fit and strong
  • At a specific weight
  • Healthy eating
  • High energy
  • Robust health
  • Calm and balanced [less stress]
  • Positive and optimistic state of mind
  • Fully engaged and satisfied with life

Individualized health and wellness coaching combines in-person, phone, and online consultation and sessions created using whole-person, theory-based ideals and practices. You will develop a unique relationship with your coach who will work with you to reach your optimal physical and mental health.

Be inspired and challenged to go beyond what you would do alone!

Contact Geneva at or 651-426-3619 and gain a partner in reaching your peak wellness.


Wellness Coaching
What’s Included
Initial Tri-It Consult What wellness coaching is and how it can help you reach and maintain your specific behavior change goals.  (30 min) FREE
Determination Session Discover the areas you’re most motivated to change, wellness assessment and planning, readiness to change evaluation, setting wellness vision and 3 month goals. (90 min) $90
Inspiration Package Overcoming your barriers to stay on track, evaluating current goals, re- setting goals based on progress. (60 min)   Unlimited email support.
Monthly (3, 6 or 9 months) - $60/month
Weekly (4 weeks) - $55/week


$180 / $360 / $540

Perseverance Package Six weekly 30 min. sessions @ $45
Three monthly 60 min. sessions @ $65
One quarterly 90 min. review @ $90
Quick Motivation Package 30 min. goal setting session followed by 3, 30 min. follow-up sessions. Scheduled quarterly.  In-person or phone $125
Re-Focusing Package Have you had a lapse? Goal setting follow-up, scheduled to fit your needs, on demand. Two 45 min. sessions a month.  In-person or phone $85
6-Week Jump Start Package For those who are highly motivated but just need a little more accountability to reach their health and wellness goals.
Package includes:
- A comprehensive wellness assessment
- One 60-90 minute vision-setting session
- 5 weeks of individual coaching (30 minutes each)
- E-mail support
Group Coaching
(also offered at corporate settings)
Prefer a group setting? Grab your co-workers or group of friends!  Minimum of 3 people, with a maximum of 6. Discussions on a variety of behavior change topics. 60 min.  Schedule set by individual groups.


Corporate Discount Rates: 6 or more for group = $75 per person. Individual sessions for same package = $150


Meet Geneva

I graduated from University of Wisconsin Stevens Point with a major in Health Promotion and Wellness. Since then I have over 10 years of experience working in the wellness field, in corporate wellness, private fitness industry and health care.

I earned my CWP, Certified Wellness Practitioner and CWWS, Certified Worksite Wellness Specialist certifications through the National Wellness Institute. I also am a CWC, Certified Wellness Coach. My passion is working with people to achieve their health and wellness goals and also to help businesses attain a healthier workforce by creating a culture that supports wellness.

Click here for Geneva's bio, send her an email or give her a call at 651-426-3619.