Half Marathon, 10K and 5K

February 21, 2015

Vadnais Heights, MN


New course for 2015!

Running.  Outside.  In February.  In Minnesota?  

You betcha!

If you’ve ever wanted the opportunity (or maybe even the “excuse”) to include all of those words in a single sentence - whether bragging to your friends, or...well let’s just face it, is there any other reason to bring this up besides showing a little swagger?

Here’s your chance!

Tri Fitness presents to you the “Half Fast Half Marathon” - Not only will you be able to truthfully use those words in a highly coveted sentence, but you’ll also receive an awesome shirt with the best catch-phrase around; when your friends ask what you did this weekend, proudly display your shirt and exclaim...

“I ran Half Fast!”


Are you a Tri Club member?  Get 25% off the race fee by registering in the store!


NOTE:  If you registration after February 9th you may have to pick up your event shirt at our retail store about 10 days after the race.


Please visit our sponsors:

  Are you interested in becoming a race sponsor?  We have multiple opportunities available - click here to get all the information.