About Us

Tri Fitness is owned by Vicki Ostendorf and Judi Fluger.

Our statement mission at Tri Fitness:

"We are a community of people dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle."

We strive to be the premier outlet serving athletes in Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

We do this through our:

  1. Retail store
  2. Training Center and Services
  3. Events

As one of the most-established multi-sport businesses in the Upper Midwest, we are designed with the athlete - and triathlete - in mind.  We carry all the gear you may need for a triathlon, including running, biking and swimming apparel, shoes, tools and accessories.  We also provide a broad array of training services, ranging from personal training to sport coaching to wellness initiatives.

We're located just north of St. Paul, Minnesota in beautiful downtown White Bear Lake, about 25 minutes from both major downtown areas.

We, and our staff, are avid runners and triathletes and are very knowledgeable in providing the proper training, testing, and nutritional advice for the novice to the advanced athlete.

Our motto is “Well Beyond Limits.” We do not want to be just a retail store. We are a community, an experience and sometimes an adventure.

We believe athletes come in all shapes and sizes!

They are also at many different knowledge and experience levels. All deserve our respect. We strive to help them develop their potential no matter where they start.

Above all, we believe everyone should have fun and enjoy the rewards of a healthier lifestyle.

In detail, we will:

  • Lead swim, bike, walk and run clubs from the store site

  • Provide high quality apparel, nutrition and tools

  • Offer training advice based on knowledge and experience

  • Offer advice on appropriate apparel, shoes, nutrition and gear

  • Contact and offer resources to local teams and other groups

Now, find out about our retail store, visit our training center or look into our events.  And stay tuned to the latest developments by liking our Facebook page!